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Exercising in 2012 – February Summary

Posted on 08 Mar 2012 in Blog, Events, Sandals | 0 comments

Hong Kong Running Action Shot

Hong Kong Running Action Shot

Just wanted to update you all with my exercise stats for the past month. February was a little challenging as we were traveling to and from Hong Kong. That’s a 16 hour flight each way from our lovely home base here in New Jersey. So with that as an excuse, I didn’t exercise on those two travel days, plus I took off another two days while we were in Hong Kong. Not too bad considering I still managed to get in some sort of exercise 25 out of the 29 days during this leap year February.

The highlight(s) this month were definitely the spectacular views that I encountered during my running exploits while in Hong Kong. The steep hills and crazy drivers kept me on my toes, while providing some pretty challenging training runs. The hills of South Orange, New Jersey seem a little bit more manageable now that I’ve experienced the Mid-Levels of Hong Kong. I got in a total of five runs for 44.54 km while there, for an average of 8.91 km per run. Not too shabby considering the elevation that I was dealing with while navigating the peaks and valleys. (Here’s a link to my longest training run in Hong Kong)

Some of you might be wondering how I know that I ran precisely 44.54 km in Hong Kong. It’s one of my best motivating tools that I own – my trusty Garmin Forerunner 210 GPS watch. It might be a little frivolous, but I really look forward to the statistics after every run. This watch basically links up with the satellites in the sky and tracks my every step, giving me a remarkably accurate account of the distance, speed, elevation gain, and calories burned during every training run. I can compare my results with other training days to see how I am progressing, or regressing on occasion. I’m a bit of a gadget freak, and this GPS watch is one really cool piece of equipment. I think that having all of these statistics helps keep me motivated, and makes it even more fun to run.

Anyway, here are my totals for February: (January stats here)

Running (in my GladSoles of course): 16 times for a total of 143.90 km
Yoga: 9 sessions
Tennis: 0 matches – still a little too cold outside :(
Travel Days: 2 (it’s tough to exercise when you’re on a plane for 16 hours)
Rest Days: 2


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