How Do You Vegan It Up On Memorial Day?

GladSoles - Happy for Summer!
Happy for Summer!

It’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US, and everywhere are signs of summer. The weather is cooperating and we’re very happy that it’s finally sandal weather for everyone, not just the hardcore folks at GladSoles.

TV shows are filled with inane segments on the season’s “must haves” and ways to make YOUR backyard barbecue a winner. Barbecues are the one occasion when I find it slightly challenging to be a vegetarian. The smell of meat cooking on a grill is tempting on a primal level, and it’s often difficult to find something that’s cruelty-free and satisfying: the humble hockey-puck veggie burger is designed to look the part, but it falls far short, and the vegan sausages that I’ve encountered so far are floppy, rubbery tubes of sadness.

Luckily, our good friends at PETA, the PPK, The Kind Life and other wonderful vegan sites are coming to the rescue with mouthwatering recipes to satisfy all palettes – omni to vegan and everything in between.

We’re hosting a small dinner tomorrow, being joined by some very dear friends that we go way back with. I’m looking forward to sitting on our back deck, sipping a nice summery drink, and serving up a tasty vegan feast.

Here are a couple of the recipes I’m thinking of making:

Barbecued Tempeh

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms

I’ll round it out with a lentil or quinoa salad and throw some asparagus on the grill along with the portobellos. Serve up some appetizers and maybe my favorite cocktail – the Dark & Stormy…

Let us know what your favorite no-meat dishes are for bbq season, and if anyone can recommend a good vegan sausage, send it along – I’m already bracing myself for the innuendos…