2001 & Counting

2000 Miles in 2011Yesterday was a very satisfying Xmas here in GladSoles land.  I officially achieved my goal of running 2000 miles in 2011 – by officially, I mean according to my Garmin GPS watch, which was one of my many R&D purchases over the past year.  I was lucky enough to have my family join me in running the last mile at the beautiful and scenic South Mountain Reservation.  Also, our good friends Kim & Len, along with Kim’s dad, were there to cheer us on and give their support for the last stretch.  It was truly a magical moment.

My trusty camera man, Max, was there to capture the moment and hopefully we will have a short video to post in the next day or so.  He’s busy skateboarding right now, but will get right on it when he gets back from the skate park.

Now it’s onto the next goal for 2012 – TBD