Barefoot Benefits Explained by Integrative Wellness

Dr. Dr. Nicole Rivera D.C. & Dr. Nicholas Carruthers, D.C., explain the benefits of being barefoot with GladSoles.

Whether you’re hiking the trails or pounding the city pavements, GladSoles Trail will get you where you need to go in style and comfort. GladSoles Trail has a 8mm Vibram® sole with tread for extra traction. The lace is recessed into the bottom of the sole, and very easy to swap out.

Each pair comes with an eco-friendly and reusable natural fiber bags. Our bags are a green alternative to plastic, paper, cotton, and canvas bags. Our burlap bags are produced from sustainable resources offering a bag that minimizes the harmful impact of plastics on our beautiful planet.

• GladSoles Lite — As you can tell from the name, this is our lightest weight and thinnest (4mm) model. Great for the pool & beach. This model has less structure than the Original or the Trail. Best suited for those of you who really want to feel every little nook and cranny that you might encounter on and off-road. Kids really love this model.

• GladSoles Original — This is where it all started. The GladSoles Original is our most versatile sandal. It’s 6mm thin, really light weight and works well on many surfaces. Recommended for all first time, barefoot sandal wearers! This sandal has some structure to it, and will mold to your feet after you wear them around for a few days. Perfect for running, walking, hiking, casual wear — it’s a great all-around sandal.

• GladSoles Trail — This is our most secure and rugged sandal. It is 8mm thick, but will mold to your feet within a few days. Great for all of your off-road adventures. It has an aggressive tread that really grips the trails well, but will wear down a little quicker on asphalt and other man-made surfaces. The Trail model is made for all you trail runners out there, plus it’s an all-around, really comfortable everyday sandal.

Dr. Nicole Rivera D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic, Nutritionist specializing in Chronic Illness, Wellness Coach

Dr. Rivera graduated cum laude from Life Chiropractic College West after completing an undergraduate degree from Widener University in Psychology Pre-Med. While attending Chiropractic College, Dr. Rivera developed her expertise in chiropractic neurology, sports chiropractic, pediatric care, and blood-hair based nutrition. Integrative Wellness Group’s state of the art technology and highly specific whole body technique provides the ultimate approach to getting people well. Dr. Rivera is committed to providing a solution to as many families as possible to get well and stay well.

Dr. Nicholas Carruthers, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic, Sports Nutritionist, Wellness Coach

Dr. Carruthers acquired his doctorate degree from Life Chiropractic College West, one of the leading chiropractic colleges in the country. Dr. Carruthers also obtained a Bachelors degree in Fitness Management from Wartburg College. Dr. Carruthers has extensive knowledge in sports rehab including kinesiotaping, neuromusclar re-education, and rehabilitative exercise. Dr. Carruthers treats every patient as an individual understanding that each person has different needs, which require a care plan specific to him or her. He promotes total wellness, including an emphasis on nutrition and the importance of exercising properly.