GladSnows Anyone?

Ok, today was a bit odd. I knew it was supposed to snow, maybe an inch or two, but this was a little ridiculous. Last January I set a goal of running 2000 miles in 2011, and I wasn’t going to let a little snowy/icy/cold/miserable October weather get in the way. I put on my Injinji Yoga Socks, White Lace/Black Lock GladSoles, and headed out for my daily run. After witnessing many downed branches and power lines, I decided to cut it a little short and finished with 4.21 miles, leaving me at 1,648.5 miles for the year. I would have liked to hit 1,650, but what are you going to do?

On the positive side, the GladSoles/Injinji combo was pretty sweet. The deep, slushy puddles weren’t fun, but overall my toes were able to withstand this rare October storm. Check out this awesome footage that our trusty camera man, Max, was able to get before I called it quits…