GladSoles Goes to Lotus Yoga

Yoga Mat and GladSolesHello I’m Jennie, Rich’s partner in crime. Every now and then I’ll be adding my 2 cents to our GladSoles story. Here’s just a quick entry about a wonderful yoga class that I went to recently.

I met yoga instructor Jillian Pransky at Newark Yoga Movement’s Global Mala Day of Peace, and traced her feet for a pair of GladSoles. Jillian suggested that I come to a class at Lotus Yoga in Montclair, to deliver the finished sandals to her.

The class was wonderful! The Lotus Yoga Studio is beautiful, with exposed brick, lots of light, and a calming atmosphere. The class was ninety minutes of rejuvenation. Through Jillian’s instruction, we were able to simultaneously get a sense of deep connection to the earth, and a sense of effortless floating. A deep feeling of well-being stayed with me all day.

After the class I tied Jillian’s sandals for her. She had chosen olive green laces with black locks – a classic combo! She was very happy and remarked that it felt like walking on custom made yoga mats! That was all the encouragement that fellow yoga practitioner Scott needed, and he ordered a pair on the spot!

Through GladSoles, Rich and I have been privileged to meet many wonderful people, and we’re excited to continue our GladSoles journey.


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