Happy Thanksgiving!

Adopt A Turkey

Jennie here with a quick Thanksgiving blog. As a transplant to the US some 20 years ago, I didn’t grow up celebrating Thanksgiving, but I have grown to love it. Family, friends and food are 3 of my favorite words! There’s really no downside to Thanksgiving – it’s an all-day eat-fest of awesomeness in my humble opinion! In fact, if you’ll allow me to rant for a moment, I’m a little bit horrified that stores are opening their doors as early as 9pm on Thursday night to draw in early holiday shoppers. Way to ruin our evening in the name of consumerism!

We’ve been getting together with the same group of family and friends for the past 6 years and it’s always fun. Especially as we attempt to accommodate everyone’s dietary needs… Today I will be baking 2 chocolate bourbon pecan pies that are both vegan and gluten-free. I’m making 2 different recipes to be on the safe side! I think if I put enough chocolate and bourbon in them we should be all good…

Thanksgiving is not a good day if you happen to be a turkey, but Thanksgiving GladSoles style doesn’t involve eating turkeys. We’re cruelty-free, and we celebrate our feathered friends through Farm Sanctuary’s Adopt-A-Turkey Project. For a donation of $30 you can sponsor the care of a turkey at one of Farm Sanctuary’s shelters in California or New York. Each year we adopt 2 turkeys. We find it impossible to choose between them – they are all so adorable – so we always hit the “Adopt Anyone!” option. Last year we sponsored Jordan, who lives at the California Shelter, and Velma, who is at the New York shelter. Can’t wait to see who will be gobbling their way into our hearts this year!

Happy Thanksgiving all!