Running, Yoga & Tennis

Last year I ran 2,031.6 miles. It took up a lot of my time. I’m not complaining, but in terms of exercising, it was kind of tough finding the energy to do anything else.  I had a goal to reach (2,000 miles), and that was my primary focus.

This year I would like to diversify a little more. I still want to run many miles, but I also want to allow myself a little more leeway to do a couple of other things that make me happy – namely yoga and tennis.

I am kind of new to yoga, although I have done a little bit here and there over the years. Last month I started practicing with the excellent Jivamukti Yoga DVD – Beginner Vinyasa: Volume 2. It is very easy to follow and the detailed vocal instructions throughout the video make it a most enjoyable experience.  Yoga seems to complement my running, by allowing me to stretch my leg muscles and gain flexibility. It also makes me feel really good – it’s that simple.

As for tennis, I would like to play a few more matches this season. It’s still too cold to play here in South Orange, but if this mild winter weather continues, I might get some matches in real soon. I’ve got my arch nemesis Len to look forward to. I’m sure that he has something up his sleeve as he always seems to add a new trick or two to his game each year. I would also like to be a little more competitive this summer against my good friend Andrew, a former state doubles champion.

Finally, as far as my running goes, this year I have decided to switch over from miles to kilometers. First of all, I think it’s about time that everyone gets on board with the metric system. I remember my elementary school teachers telling me that by the time I was an adult, everything would be in kilometers instead of miles, liters instead of quarts, kilograms instead of pounds, etc. Well, I’m still waiting for that to happen… Anyway, I do not have a set goal this year in terms of distance. Instead, I want to run for fun. I’ll probably still log quite a few kilometers, but without the added pressure of a specific goal.

So, I guess that I’m not really making any New Year’s resolutions per se, but I should have enough exercise options to keep me motivated and in shape for 2012. I’ll update my progress periodically throughout the year – here are January’s totals:

Running (in my GladSoles of course): 20 times for a total of 180.0 km
Yoga: 9 sessions
Tennis: 0 matches – still too cold outside 🙁
Rest Days: 2


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