Saturday, September 24th – Newstead 5K Race

The GladSoles Racing Team
The GladSoles Racing Team

Today the team showed up and ran our first 5K race sporting the “blue” lace GladSoles.  We had an awesome time, and I even set a new personal record and won my age category!  Sam ran and completed his first 5K and looked good doing it.  The weather held up nicely and the conditions were perfect for this lovely event, benefitting the Achieve Foundation for the South Orange and Maplewood public school system.

Mia woke up early and took some great photos of the event.  We got a lot of questions and people were very impressed that we were able to run in our custom-made sandals.  I’m still wondering how people are able to run in their heavily cushioned sneakers – one day people will lose the shoes and get with the barefoot movement.  I felt like a little kid out there, now onto the next race…

3 thoughts on “Saturday, September 24th – Newstead 5K Race

  1. Helen DuBowy says:

    Wow! Saw you guys running yesterday…was impressed to see this article. I didn’t know about Gladsoles..but sure was curious with what you were running in! So happy to see your comments about the Newstead5k. Would love to talk live to you about further publicity for both of us. Helen (race director)

  2. booksaboutpeaceGloria says:

    I do love my Gladsoles. I find that I am encouraged to spread and lift my toes when I am wearing them-just because I can! When I am sitting and breathing i find myself stretching and lifting my toes up. It’s great. I even danced on top of a bar with them the other night. (Not alone, with a whole host of other people! It was great fun!

    • maxglad says:

      Gloria! So happy that you are enjoying your GladSoles and we really appreciate your comment! It was great meeting you at Global Mala!

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