Tennis in KomodoSport Barefoot Shoes – Customized to Fit GladSoles Style

KomodoSport LS with the GladSoles Modification
KomodoSport LS with the GladSoles Modification

Last month I complained about being a little too busy to workout. Not so this month, as I’m happy to report that I only took 4 rest days the entire month of May! That means, more running, more yoga and my first tennis match of the season. Unfortunately, my lack of court time showed, and I was handily beaten by my friend Alex. On the positive side, I finally got to wear my new Vibram KomodoSport LS shoes out on the tennis court for some real match play.

Overall, I was happy with the performance of the newer KomodoSport LS model. Good traction, very lightweight, and no blistering. I did wear Injinji Performance Series Lightweight toesocks just in case, but I could probably get away going completely barefoot, as the interior of the KomodoSports is very smooth and comfortable.

My feet are pretty wide, and I found it much easier to get into the LS model because the lacing system allows for a larger opening on the top of the shoe. However, I wasn’t too impressed with the actual lacing and locking system that Vibram chose for this shoe. The locks didn’t work very well, and the laces had a little too much give to them. So, being the tinkerer that I am, I simply replaced Vibram’s system with the GladSoles laces and locks. I chose our neon yellow laces and pastel purple locks to match my sunny personality. The shoes felt much more stable with the new laces and locks installed, and it is now much easier to customize the fit. Plus, once the desired snugness is set, the new laces and locks actually stay put, even after a couple of hours on the tennis court.

With the weather getting warmer here in the Northeast, things are starting to get pretty busy in the sandal business. As long as I keep my fitness a top priority, get my workouts in, as well as  a few more meditations, hopefully I’ll be able to win some tennis matches in June. And, I’ll look good doing it in my custom-made Vibram KomodoSport LS / GladSoles combination tennis shoes!

Here are my exercise stats for May: (April stats here)

Running (in my GladSoles, Ultra-Minimal Tying Method): 19 times for a total of 148.29 km
Yoga:  7 sessions
Tennis:  1 match – not my best effort, but it’s good to be back on the court
Rest Days:  4