Thanksgiving Results Are In!

The Post Punk Kitchen Pecan PieIt was a veritable Choc Bourbon Pecan Pie showdown in the GladSoles house this Thanksgiving. Unable to decide between 2 promising looking recipes – or maybe it’s just a fear of commitment – I decided to make one of each.

They were both pretty easy to put together – the Post Punk Kitchen one had me slightly worried about my caramel-making abilities, but it was very easy. The recipe didn’t call for chocolate and bourbon, but I added them to it – a ¼ cup of unsweetened cocoa powder to the caramel, and ½ a cup of vegan chocolate chips + 3 tablespoons of bourbon to the final mixing stage. Ooey gooey chocolatey deliciousness!

The recipe from Your Vegan Mom was so easy I was worried that I was getting away with something. The recipe didn’t fill up my pie shell all the way to the top, so I decided to embellish it by decorating it with a row of chocolate chips all along the perimeter. It looked pretty fancy!

People eat with their eyes, and despite the Vegan Mom pie’s glistening row of chocolate chips, the PPK one was prettier, so that went more quickly, but when I had a slice of each on my plate to do the all-important taste test I honestly could not decide which pie was better… both were absolutely delicious, and both will be reappearing on my table soon!

AntoinetteSkipWe got our Farm Sanctuary Adopt-A-Turkey certificates. We adopted the adorable Skip, who lives at the New York Shelter, and who advises us: “When preparing Thanksgiving dinner, skip the Turkey!”

And we also adopted the very regal Antoinette, who was saved from being on the menu last year, who is also from New York and who says “Let them eat squash!”