The Everyday Olympian

Yulady Saluti
Yulady Saluti

Today is the final day of the Olympics – or what NBC has rather pompously dubbed “The Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad.” It’s been a 2 week fest of wall-to-wall coverage, and we’ve kept it on for a lot of the time, mostly as background to whatever else we were doing, rather than actively watching it.  On principle, I liked the idea of being able to watch what my family in England were watching, but of course, with the time difference, and NBC’s random decisions on what was worth showing, it’s highly unlikely that we watched anything at the same time…

My favorite part of the Olympics is the huge dose of inspiration it delivers. Olympic athletes are dedicated, full of grace, strength and determination.  They keep pushing themselves when they have nothing left and it’s hard not to be motivated by them.  These values aren’t exclusive to Olympians.

One person who comes to mind is Yulady Saluti.  We first met Yulady last year, when we went to Powerflow Yoga in Chatham to show them our sandals, and she bought a pair on the spot. We saw her again at the Yoga Journal Conference in April, and were thrilled to see that she was wearing her GladSoles.  I contacted her after the conference to offer her a retrofit and re-lacing (something we’ve offered to all our early adopters :-)) and she said, yes, great, after my chemo.

Yulady was diagnosed with breast cancer in May, at age 32, and has been documenting her journey in a series of video blogs.  She keeps her sense of humor throughout everything, and is constantly appreciative of all the good things in her life.  She’s always saying how her life rocks, and how much she loves it.  Truly inspiring.

You can follow her journey here: