Top 10 Reasons to Buy GladSoles

10. Cruelty-Free, Animal Approved
We do not use leather, glue, or any other animal-based products to make our sandals. They’re vegan-friendly.

9. They’re Ultra-Light
GladSoles weigh practically nothing. Even Nike Frees feel heavy by comparison. It’s a pleasure to walk and run without feeling weighed down below the ankle. They’re also easy to pack since GladSoles lie absolutely flat. My GladSoles take up almost no room in my suitcase or backpack.

8. No Knot Underneath
Some minimal sandals have a knot underneath the sole, ours don’t. Smooth, flat and awesome.

7. Machine Washable
I was out running in the rain, and just at the end I splashed through a mud puddle. I threw my muddy GladSoles in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes and let them air dry. They’re as good as new!

6. Room to Move and Breathe
Letting my toes move freely, and letting the skin on my feet get fresh air and sunlight are what got me hooked on barefoot running. It just feels so good. GladSoles give me just what I need: a little protection, but nothing to encumber me.

5. Rain or Shine
So I was out on a walk / hike / run and it started to rain. My feet got wet of course, but the Vibram® sole didn’t noticeably absorb any water, and the nylon lacing wasn’t phased either. Other shoes get squishy when wet. But in my GladSoles, the rain comes and goes and my feet are perfectly fine either way. No chafing or discomfort.

4. Easy Lacing
Yes, I had to follow the instructions to figure out how to tie them. And it took a little tweaking to get the tension just right. Now that I’ve found the right lacing for me, I can slip them on and off without re-tying them. I wasn’t sure if I’d have to re-do them each time. I don’t! Yay.

3. Zero-Drop = Full ROM
The sole is perfectly flat, which means I enjoy full range of motion in my ankle joint. That means I get full extension of my calf muscles, because my heel fully descends. It’s more functional, and better for my strength and flexibility below the knee. Plus, it just feels good.

2. Vibram® Soles
Vibram® knows a lot about how to make a sturdy, non-slip sole. They’re thin, flexible and ultra-comfortable. They protect my feet without getting in the way of my natural gait.

1. Custom-Made by Hand for My Own Two Unique Feet 🙂