willPower & Grace Plank Challenge



Last week GladSoles went to the Lululemon store in Montclair to take part in the willPower & Grace Plank Challenge, arranged by the unstoppable Jenn DeLuccia.  Jenn is a teacher trainer and instructor of an incredible barefoot fitness regimen, willPower & Grace.  She’s also a Lululemon and GladSoles ambassador.   


Almost 100 people had shown up, ready to Plank at 9:30 on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend, and the energy was palpable.


We started with a meditation led by Lululemon ambassador Joe Gandarillas, which put us in a calm, strong frame of mind.  Then Jenn took us through a willPower spinal warm-up to loosen us up.  With high fives all around we got started.   The music to accompany the challenge was one inspirational song after the other, starting with the theme from Rocky.   We had to remember to breathe. 


My goal was 3 minutes, I unfortunately did not get quite there but I got further than I ever have with 2:30.  Baby steps.  Rich exceeded his 3-minute goal and reached 4:25 – amazing. After that we witnessed incredible feats of physical and mental strength as people were able to stay up for 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 8 minutes and on and on.  The final 2 people at the end of the challenge were willPower instructor Laura Fielding, and Lululemon manager Julia Detarte.  They had set themselves goals of 12 minutes, and we couldn’t believe it as 13 minutes turned into 14 minutes, and continued into 15 minutes.  Finally Laura stopped at 16 minutes, leaving Julia with the win at 16:15.  


The male and female winner won great gift baskets, including a $100 certificate for Lululemon gear, a membership at Equinox, and a pair of GladSoles.  All in all an excellent morning.  Congratulations to the winners, Johnny Bednarz & Julia Letarte, and to all who came out to challenge themselves!

Plank Challenge Winners