Yoga Journal Conference NYC 2012 – Part 1

Jennie at the GladSoles Booth Yoga Journal NYC Conference
Jennie at the GladSoles Booth Yoga Journal NYC

This year, for the first time, GladSoles exhibited at the Yoga Journal Conference at the New York Hilton. Yoga Journal holds 4 conferences a year, all across the country, bringing together hundreds of Yogis for 4 days of study, practice, meditation and shopping.

We were exhibiting in the Marketplace, along with about 70 other vendors. When I arrived to check in, the Marketplace was being set up in one of the Hilton’s ballrooms. I had an immediate flashback to the early nineties, when I was a production coordinator at “The Caribiner Group” a leader in the corporate communications world, and the unhappy result of a merger between 4 smaller entities. We’d go to exotic locales and put on huge, elaborate multimedia shows for big clients. Our days and most of our nights would be spent in freezing cold ballrooms, rehearsing and making sure all the elements were perfect. The sight of the Hilton ballroom in its raw state brought back a flood of memories. Caribiner was not my favorite place to work, but it is where I met Rich, so clearly it was meant to be!

I did a quick check of the scene and it was exciting to see the elaborate setups that some vendors had brought. A few of them were installing their own flooring, The Vita Coconut Water people were putting up a tiki bar, and our good friends from Satya were there with caseloads of their beautiful jewelry. I found our table shoved up against the wall, identified by a cardboard sign that had been stapled to the front. I dropped my GladSoles banner and high-tailed it to Mood, to buy some fabric, and with the hope that I’d have the courage to say “Thank You, Mood!” a la Tim Gunn on Project Runway.

One of the high points of the day was walking everywhere, which brought back more memories of living in the city, when we were car-free and walked everywhere. On this day, the weather was perfect, and it was so nice to ditch the subway for the street, and let my GladSole-clad feet fly along. We often talk about how great GladSoles are for trail running and going to the beach, but they are also wonderful for when you’ve got a lot of ground to cover in the city.


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