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About GladSoles

The idea for GladSoles came to Richard Gladstone, as he was attempting to find a shoe that fit his minimalist-running style best. Rich had searched high and low, at the furthest reaches of the internet to find the perfect barefoot shoe. The shoes he tried all offered generally the same thing, but none of them were minimalist enough to provide the truly barefoot experience Rich was looking for.

To circumvent this issue, Rich decided to take matters into his own hands and start making his own sandals. Later on, he would make them for his family, which sparked great interest in his local community. This interest became so high, that it only made sense for Rich to form GladSoles.

In 2011, GladSoles LLC was formed. Our mission is to provide the ultimate barefoot experience without compromising style and fashion. GladSoles now come in two models: Street & Trail. From time to time we introduce new models – contact us to find out more or if you have any special requests.

Make your feet happy and go barefoot! Contact: rich at

View a demonstration on GladSoles here