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Win Two Eco-Friendly GladSoles T-shirts

Thank you for participating in our GladSoles minimalist sandals giveaway and congrats to the winner. Today we launch our Double T-Shirt giveaway. Win a t-shirt for yourself and give one to a friend. Use the widget below to enter the giveaway. The contest runs for about a week and you can place new entries daily.

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Barefoot Running Sandals Review by EvelinRuns

It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I now like what could be called “minimal” shoes as you’ve seen me running a bunch in SKORA since I first got my hands on them last spring. Before transitioning to zero drop, or minimalist shoes like a lot of people want to call them, I had never thought that it would happen. At least not in the near future.. All I heard was that I needed a cushy shoe for my medium-high arches, and as a fairly new runner I believed it was the truth and nothing but the truth. Of course, we are all different and I’m sure the “traditional” cushiony shoes are perfect for some runners. However while I was transitioning to zero drop and less shoe I came to realize that this was great – I had found “my way” through the running shoe jungle. Zero drop and “less shoe” – more strength – better form (or a reason to work on my form). Since making SKORA my beloved go-to shoes I have been curious about trying out even LESS of a shoe – I have been looking at sandals, both for running and everyday wear (after all I live in Hawaii and I don’t have a sandal tan?! Just kidding, maybe.). So when GladSoles contacted me asking me if I wanted to try and review their custom made sandals I jumped on it!


After having a chat with GladSoles I got my feet traced. This is done to get a pair of custom made sandals – made for just YOU and your feet when you put in your order. After tracing your feet you can scan and email your foot tracings to GladSoles, or simply send it with snail mail. Once GladSoles received my tracings things were moving fast, within a day or two my custom made sandals were on their way from the far East to the Big Island of Hawaii.

The Runninger GladSoles Barefoot Running Sandals Review

To be honest I could barely wait to get these sandals and try them on. So when they did arrive just a few days later, I hurried up getting the lacing guide videos up on the computer and I got going.. I had a lot of fun trying different colors of laces and different tying techniques and probably bugged my post-work tired husband to the maximum by constantly saying something in the lines of “Look baby, they even look great on my ugly feet?!”, “What color of laces should I use first?” or “Which tying method do you like better?”.


The great thing with this kind of sandal is that you can tie them on in so many different ways and therefore find one or more tying methods that fit your feet perfectly and will make for great fit and feel when your running, walking, doing yoga or whatever you choose to do in the sandals. GladSoles offer a tutorial video for the standard GladSoles tying method. This was really helpful for me when tying them on the first time, and.. This method is great! I used this for my first few runs, the sandals stayed put on my feet perfectly while running and a big pro is that you don’t have to re-lace the sandals every time you put them on – you just slip them on/off, which of course is very convenient!

Since I’ve been using the sandals more I’ve found other ways to tie the sandals on that also works great for me – same basics but different placement of the laces. I found that experimenting with the tying methods and watching YouTube/Vimeo videos for tutorials and ideas was very interesting and fun. For everyday wear I really like the traditional Huarache tying method. I have been using a variation of GladSoles tying method and the latest one I tried and also liked a lot is a variation of Barefoot Bonez method. Why am I using the word variation so much? Yes, because our feet are all different and different tying methods and placements of the laces will be good for different people.


So after experimenting and doing some tweaking with the tying methods a bit I got going running in the sandals. I received the GladSoles Trail model with 8mm sole and a bit of thread on the sole (see photo above) and these sandals are just amazing for running. I have been running on both roads and on trails and both have been wonderful experiences – there is something very special with being barefoot in nature, feeling the air against your feet as you move forward. I am somewhat a clumsy girl and was worried I would trip, both running on roads and trails, but I haven’t even been close to tripping?! This obviously has to do with how well the sandals stays on my feet, they really stay put and move with my feet. I especially enjoy trail running in the GladSoles, the ground feel is truly AMAZING and makes for smooth and secure running while the sole is still offering great protection against hard rocks, uneven surface etc. I love the way my feet are allowed to splay and it is obvious that my feet due to this have the ability to fully adjust to the ground beneath me! Running in the sandals have been wonderful and I will keep enjoying it. A lot.

Another thing I really like about GladSoles is that they as a company put in effort on being sustainable and cruelty free. The sandals are completely vegan (no leather or animal based glues) and nobody, nor animals or people, were harmed in the making of the sandals – I love that.

What I also have been happy about with these sandals is that they work just as well for everyday wear as for running. I live in Hawaii and haven’t had a pair of sandals that treated my feet well for… A long long time. Therefore I have used them when going to the beach or to town running errands etc. Every time I am around people I tend to get compliments on my nice looking sandals – who doesn’t love that?! For runners who aren’t quite ready to try running in sandals, I would say definitely think about using GladSoles for everyday wear – by being close to the ground and zero drop they will help you naturally work up strength and mobility in your feet which will help you with your running. Plus, they stay put on your feet which will save your from the “toe pinching” technique many of us use to keep sandals like flip-flops in place while walking.

Do yourself a favor and make your feet happy with GladSoles! Head on over to, choose your sandals, color of laces and use the code “EvRuns” for 15% off! I highly recommend these sandals for running, both road and trails, and for a pair of great looking and comfortable sandals for everyday wear.

Barefoot Running Sandals Giveaway


Enter to win a pair of our ‘Original’ barefoot running sandals by using the widget below. Contest ends next Thursday January 16th, 2014 at midnight. This offer is for U.S. residents ONLY. Sorry international friends but we will run contests for you in the future.

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GladSoles Barefoot Running Sandals Review
by The Runninger

Earlier this year I discovered GladSoles Barefoot sandals on Twitter. I had been researching a few barefoot sandal brands and was instantly interested when I read more about GladSoles. The fact they are custom made was impressive , the fit could only be perfect if they are custom made.

A couple of weeks later I decided to order some, I decided on the Original instead of the Trail or Lite models. Although I run on some trails, a good percentage of my running is on road so I thought the Original was the best choice for me. I filled my cart online and found what I thought was a large issue. Shipping not available to Australia. This was a disappointment. I sent GladSoles a tweet asking if they would ship to Australia, within an hour I had a reply telling me to email and I would be able to order and shipping would be available. Awesome result, I emailed and was promptly emailed back. The same afternoon I did my tracing and emailed it through, my work was done, it was all up to the GladSoles team now. The same evening I got an email from GladSoles saying ” Your sandals have been made and posted this afternoon, and I’ve thrown in an extra set of laces for you.” Overall, fantastic service which is refreshing from an online purchase and something all online retailers should take note of.

Unfortunately two weeks had past before I ultimately received my sandals, it felt like two months because I was very excited to get these sandals and start running in them. It is a long way from the US to Australia so the postage time is the standard time, my impatience didn’t help.

Very keen to try, I quickly watched the you tube lacing video available and got them on my feet. My first run in the was a little 3km jog around the neighbourhood and instantly I liked what I felt. My first thought was that these gave incredible feel on the ground. 6mm of Vibram sole under your foot is not a lot, but it is enough to protect your feet and give a pure barefoot experience.

Since this first run I have given the GladSoles a solid test over many terrains and a variety of running paces. I have given them a test on road, both dirt and rocky trails, on the beach and in wet off road conditions. On all surfaces they have responded well. On road they give a Pure Zero Drop experience, amazingly low to the ground. I have run in other zero drop shoes but these are a different world away in terms of a low to the ground running experience. Plus my feet enjoyed being free. They are cooler and love the wind and elements against them.

Over trails I found the Original very good, on uneven terrain your feet will splay on landing allowing you to grip the terrain when needed. With only 6mm of Vibram between you and the trail you can feel everything you step on, giving you amazing feel on the ground and the confidence to raise your pace. I would love to compare the Trail models 8mm sole over the same type of terrain but I found the Original very good on these surfaces.

Overall the one thing that stands out after running in GladSoles is that I now look forward to every time I run in them. I have 3-4 other excellent pairs of minimal running shoes I can put on when I go for a run but more often than not I choose the GladSoles.

For those looking at a barefoot sandal I would highly recommend the GladSole Original. The fact they are custom made will ensure you have a perfect fit. I haven’t needed to tinker with the lacing design at all, they stay perfectly on my feet across all surfaces.

willPower & Grace Plank Challenge



Last week GladSoles went to the Lululemon store in Montclair to take part in the willPower & Grace Plank Challenge, arranged by the unstoppable Jenn DeLuccia.  Jenn is a teacher trainer and instructor of an incredible barefoot fitness regimen, willPower & Grace.  She’s also a Lululemon and GladSoles ambassador.   


Almost 100 people had shown up, ready to Plank at 9:30 on a Sunday morning of a holiday weekend, and the energy was palpable.


We started with a meditation led by Lululemon ambassador Joe Gandarillas, which put us in a calm, strong frame of mind.  Then Jenn took us through a willPower spinal warm-up to loosen us up.  With high fives all around we got started.   The music to accompany the challenge was one inspirational song after the other, starting with the theme from Rocky.   We had to remember to breathe. 


My goal was 3 minutes, I unfortunately did not get quite there but I got further than I ever have with 2:30.  Baby steps.  Rich exceeded his 3-minute goal and reached 4:25 – amazing. After that we witnessed incredible feats of physical and mental strength as people were able to stay up for 5 minutes, 7 minutes, 8 minutes and on and on.  The final 2 people at the end of the challenge were willPower instructor Laura Fielding, and Lululemon manager Julia Detarte.  They had set themselves goals of 12 minutes, and we couldn’t believe it as 13 minutes turned into 14 minutes, and continued into 15 minutes.  Finally Laura stopped at 16 minutes, leaving Julia with the win at 16:15.  


The male and female winner won great gift baskets, including a $100 certificate for Lululemon gear, a membership at Equinox, and a pair of GladSoles.  All in all an excellent morning.  Congratulations to the winners, Johnny Bednarz & Julia Letarte, and to all who came out to challenge themselves!

Plank Challenge Winners

Farm Sanctuary: Adopt-A-Turkey


The things I love about Thanksgiving will forever endure: being together with family and friends, gathering around a table laden with delicious delights, and taking a moment to be grateful for the many good things in life.


The thing I’m not so crazy about is the commercialization that is eating away at the day.  A couple of years ago a few stores started their “Doorbuster Black Friday” deals at 8pm on Thanksgiving night, and now it seems like all the major retailers are doing this.  So this year, to up the ante, Walmart & Target will be open all day on Thanksgiving, a policy of rampant greed that will no doubt spread to more and more stores in the years to come.


In preparation for Thanksgiving I’m “working from home” today, which really means I’m baking pies and checking emails a couple of times.   The chocolate bourbon pies of years past proved to be so successful that I’ve been asked to bring them again this year.  I’m going to attempt to make a GF pie crust, unless I can find one that hasn’t been smashed to smithereens at WF.   I’ll let you know how it goes.


Yesterday Obama continued one of the more stupid traditions of this country, and “pardoned” a turkey. Is this the best use of time for the leader of the free world? How about we pardon all the turkeys and go veg?  This year, we’ve adopted 2 more gorgeous gobblers: Tulip & Tom, from Farm Sanctuary.  For $30 you can pay for the care and feeding of one or more of their good friends as they live out their lives in the safety of their Woodstock and California farms.


Wishing all of you a truly wonderful holiday.

The Runninger’s Barefoot Transition

One of our Twitter followers purchased a pair of our barefoot running sandals to help his transition to going barefoot. He’s an Australian marathon, triathlon and Ironman runner with an amazing story. Visit his blog here:

Excerpt below:

…Enter Glad Soles barefoot sandals, I found them on Twitter and recently purchased some. Never has my running felt more pure or enjoyable, running barefoot without the stress of hurting your feet is a wonderful feeling and has allowed me to complete my barefoot transition. I call it Pure Zero Drop running.

The Barefoot Bonez Tying Method

GladSoles is dedicated to bringing you the best barefoot running experience possible. In doing this we present new fun and exciting ways to enjoy our barefoot sandals. Among the many ways to enjoy our sandals is the tying method.

There are multiple ways to tie your GladSoles and Barefoot Bonez shares his technique with us. We do recommend trying our method first but we are not opposed to trying other ways. If you have a specific way you like to tie your GladSoles, feel free to share with us so we can share it here on our blog.

The Barefoot Bonez Tying method:

“Around the back, to The right & under on the left. Then around the back on the left & under on the right (REPEAT x3). Now tie off how ever you like.” – Barefoot Bonez

Top 10 Reasons to Buy GladSoles

10. Cruelty-Free, Animal Approved
We do not use leather, glue, or any other animal-based products to make our sandals. They’re vegan-friendly.

9. They’re Ultra-Light
GladSoles weigh practically nothing. Even Nike Frees feel heavy by comparison. It’s a pleasure to walk and run without feeling weighed down below the ankle. They’re also easy to pack since GladSoles lie absolutely flat. My GladSoles take up almost no room in my suitcase or backpack.

8. No Knot Underneath
Some minimal sandals have a knot underneath the sole, ours don’t. Smooth, flat and awesome.

7. Machine Washable
I was out running in the rain, and just at the end I splashed through a mud puddle. I threw my muddy GladSoles in the washing machine with the rest of my clothes and let them air dry. They’re as good as new!

6. Room to Move and Breathe
Letting my toes move freely, and letting the skin on my feet get fresh air and sunlight are what got me hooked on barefoot running. It just feels so good. GladSoles give me just what I need: a little protection, but nothing to encumber me.

5. Rain or Shine
So I was out on a walk / hike / run and it started to rain. My feet got wet of course, but the Vibram® sole didn’t noticeably absorb any water, and the nylon lacing wasn’t phased either. Other shoes get squishy when wet. But in my GladSoles, the rain comes and goes and my feet are perfectly fine either way. No chafing or discomfort.

4. Easy Lacing
Yes, I had to follow the instructions to figure out how to tie them. And it took a little tweaking to get the tension just right. Now that I’ve found the right lacing for me, I can slip them on and off without re-tying them. I wasn’t sure if I’d have to re-do them each time. I don’t! Yay.

3. Zero-Drop = Full ROM
The sole is perfectly flat, which means I enjoy full range of motion in my ankle joint. That means I get full extension of my calf muscles, because my heel fully descends. It’s more functional, and better for my strength and flexibility below the knee. Plus, it just feels good.

2. Vibram® Soles
Vibram® knows a lot about how to make a sturdy, non-slip sole. They’re thin, flexible and ultra-comfortable. They protect my feet without getting in the way of my natural gait.

1. Custom-Made by Hand for My Own Two Unique Feet 🙂