Tracing Your Feet is Easy


People think the most daunting part about ordering our custom-made sandals is the foot tracing but it’s REALLY EASY! We have a video that you can watch (see below) that demonstrates how it’s done. There is a sample tracing (click here) that you can look at to allay any fears. Or, you can just give us a call at 973-951-4404 and we’ll walk you through it.

We know that it would be easier to offer standard sizes like all the other footwear companies. But we also know that nothing compares to wearing a sandal that is made for your own two feet. Take the extra couple of minutes and trace your feet. You will be happier and your feet will thank you 🙂

The Details:

Tracing your feet accurately ensures that your GladSoles will fit you perfectly.

Take your time when tracing, as the more accurate your tracings are, the better fitting your sandals will be.

It’s best to stand while doing the tracings. It might be easier to have someone else do the tracing for you. I like to start at the heel and trace forward to the toes. Then I start at the heel again and trace forward around the other side of the foot. No matter how you do it, try to keep the pencil vertical as you trace.

Tracing your feet is easy. Just take your time and don’t forget to mark the space between your big & 2nd toe. See the attached picture so you can see how to do it. You can also view the instructional video here.

Scan & Email, or Regular Mail Us Your Tracings:

If you have access to a scanner, just make sure to save your scan as a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat). And, make sure that it’s set to actual size with NO scaling. You should also check to make sure that the correct paper size is selected (US Letter, 8.5 x 11 inches). Draw a ruler line on your tracings with inch marks (6 of them would be good). We need this ruler line so we can make sure that the sizing is correct when we print out your tracings on our end.

Or, if you prefer, just send us your tracings in the regular mail: GladSoles, 194 West Fairview Avenue, South Orange, NJ 07079

Please DO NOT take a picture of your tracings – photos can skew the footprint, making it very difficult to produce a well-fitted sandal.

And, if you have any questions or need help with all of this, just give us a call at 973-951-4404 or email me directly at Rich @

Go ahead and trace your feet, your GladSoles will be on their way to your door very soon!

GladSoles Sandals — Not Just for 5K Race Winners

Maplewood NJ 5K Race –

Jennie + Rich at the 2013 Maplewood 5K Race

This Sunday I decided to venture out with Rich for his latest New Jersey 5K race.  It was the 13th annual “Maplewood in Motion” 5K Race, with proceeds going to benefit the Maplewood Lions Club charities and Rent Party – an organization dedicated to fighting hunger in Maplewood and South Orange.  It’s an event that I’ve run a few times over the years.  My first time was in 2003 — when I first decided to get on a post-babies fitness kick.  Back then I ran it in New Balance sneakers, this time in my barefoot running sandals. 

On race day it’s a good idea to get up as early as possible so that you have time to get some nutrition in your system, but stop hydrating well before the race starts (See Rich’s take on that here, in his blog post – GladSoles CEO Comes Within…).  I got up at 6am, ate, cleaned the kitchen, folded laundry, watched some tv, and took my time to get ready.

Conditions were perfect: sunny, but breezy with a little fall chill in the air.  Rich and I “represented” with our GladSoles on our feet, and our logo on our shirts.  I’m a much slower runner than Rich, so this was an opportunity for people much further back in the pack to see our running sandals in action. At the start of the race a little girl who was running in sneakers and a pretty dress asked if I was really going to run in my sandals.  At the end of the race a fellow competitor asked me about the slogan (“Make Your Feet Happy”) he’d been reading on my back during the race.   

Rich posted another excellent time of 19:59, coming in sixth place overall.  With my slow pace of 10:56 minutes a mile I finished the race in 34:05, which goes to show that you can enjoy minimal running at any pace:)



Maplewood 5K Race in Minimal Sandals

BAREFOOT SHARK TANK. Will The Sharks Bite Into The Running Sandal Market?

GladSoles Beauty ShotThis Friday, one of GladSoles’ fellow travelers, Steve Sachen of Xero Shoes, will be diving into the Shark Tank to pitch his barefoot running sandals to the panel. I can’t wait to watch the show and see what the investors say. This is a great development, in my opinion, as it’s a clear sign that barefoot huarache-style sandals, similar to GladSoles are hitting the mainstream in a big way.

I’ve often wondered what it would be like to stand in front of the Sharks and present GladSoles, so I’m curious to see how the Xero pitch will work. Will it be focused on the advantages of barefoot running? Will he try to sell the sharks on the customizable nature of the sandal?

Will the pitch center on the market? According to Flip-Flop Shop franchisee Scott Santy, flip-flop sales have grown 8.2% in the last 3 years, accounting for $1.5 billion of U.S. surf-wear retail sales. If all those flip-flop wearers decided to become barefoot huarache style sandal wearers that could be huge!

Which shark will take the bait? Mark Cuban? I’m not sure if footwear will appeal to him, although he does endorse Sketchers sneakers. What about Daymond John? He’s in the clothing biz, so what will he make of the sandals? Are they going to be a hot item for Lori Greiner to bring to QVC? Will “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary crush the idea like a bug? I hope not! Hopefully there’ll be a bidding war, but whatever the outcome, you can’t buy better exposure.

We hope that this signals a time when people will come to us and already know about custom-made barefoot sandals, and we won’t have quite as much explaining to do.

We can’t wait to see the results and we wish them good luck!


Shark Tank Website

Xero Shoes Website

GladSoles Tee Shirt Back

The Perfect Look For The Overnight Millionare

Suit and Tie with GladSoles
Suit and Tie with GladSoles

With Facebook’s IPO all over the news, the New York Times posted an article on the understated wealth of Silicon Valley’s overnight millionaires.  According to the story, the preference in Palo Alto is not to shove one’s good fortune in peoples’ faces. A photo of your flashy new car posted online is more likely to get ridiculed than admired, and instead of a handmade tailored suit, jeans and hoodies are the preferred uniform.

The creature comforts are there, but in an understated fashion:  Home theaters are buried underground, away from view.  People ride the streets on 20,000 hand-painted Italian bicycles. And some executives are sporting custom-made jeans from 3×1, that cost $1,200.

It occurs to me that a great pair of our hand-made GladSoles could be the perfect shoe to complete the look, and the perfect complement to a pair of custom-made jeans. Like 3×1, we don’t see any benefit to a mass-produced product.  We take pride in making each and every pair of our sandals, by hand, for the individual. And like those $20,000 bikes, each pair of our sandals has its own individual look.

The big difference is that you don’t have to be an overnight Facebook millionaire to outfit yourself with GladSoles. Imagine only paying $60 for a pair of completely custom-made sandals that fit only your feet, and that will last and last and last.


NYT Article:

VeloTech cycles:

3×1: http://3×

Custom Barefoot Sandals – 100% American Made

GladSoles Homemade Custom Sandals Production Studio
GladSoles Homemade Custom Sandals Production Design Studio

When we tell people that we’ve started a company producing custom-made barefoot sandals we are often asked “Where do you have them manufactured? Are they made in China?” The answers are we don’t and no, they aren’t! We don’t have the sandals manufactured at all. We hand make each pair of GladSoles individually right here in our home studio in New Jersey!

It’s a true labor of love, but we take great pride in our product. Rich is a tinkerer, and he’s constantly working on ways to make the sandals even better. They’ve evolved from having the lace fastened to the sole with a simple knot, to using a big washer and glue, to our most recent innovation: the lace is now counter-sunk into the underside of the sole, so that it’s completely smooth on the bottom, and doesn’t use any glue. Yes, it takes longer to make each pair, but the laces stay in place, and the sandals are even more comfortable than they used to be, and no more glue means that the laces are very easy to switch out, if you decide you want a completely new color combination. Rich also takes the time to smooth the edges with a sander to make the finished sandals look even sleeker.

So, when you buy GladSoles, not only are you getting a product that has been made with love, but you’re also supporting a very local small business!

One of my favourite moments of each sale is when a customer gets their new pair of sandals, puts them on, and experiences, for the very first time, that feeling of lightness and comfort that comes from a minimal sandal that has been made just for them right here in the USA. Also, we love it when our customers send in pictures from wherever their GladSoles take them – we’ve posted some of them on our GladPix page. And we are always looking to add more so keep sending them in!


Truly Barefoot Running – Finally!

Bare Feet - A Little Red from the Track, but Feeling Good
A Little Red from the Track, but Feeling Good

Springtime has officially arrived and so has my outdoor barefoot training!

Us Jersey folks have been pretty lucky in terms of weather this winter, and I have taken full advantage.  I’ve already done 4 barefoot runs this season, and I’m happy to report no major injuries.  No cuts, no bruises, no blisters, no problems.

I think that I’ve gotten a little smarter this year. Instead of doing the entire run barefoot, I break it up. I start out running barefoot, and depending on how my feet feel, I do about 10 to 15 minutes, maybe 20. At the first sign of discomfort, I stop, check for injuries to my feet, then put on my sandals (a la Born to Run – Tarahumara Indian style), and finish my run. That’s the key, stop before it hurts. No pain, no gain does not apply here. It’s better to be smart and listen to your feet, than to push through any issues you might be having. Save it for the next day’s run!

I might be stating the obvious here, but last year, I would just run a set distance, not listening enough to the feedback that I was getting from my feet. I found out the hard way that once something doesn’t feel right, it’s already too late. As a result, I had several blood-blisters because I toughed it out, rather than listening to my feet and cutting my run short. I guess it’s an ego thing, which is kind of weird because it’s not like I’m competing against anyone out there. But in some ways I feel like I’m not giving it my all if I don’t push through the pain. Well, let me now say that it is way better to stop the barefooted part of the run early, switch over to my sandals, and finish up my run with a little protection. Nobody wants to deal with blood-blisters – not only are they quite painful, but they don’t look very attractive either.

Barefoot training is invaluable, as it really allows you to run naturally, without any interference from shoes. Then, when you do put on your footwear (GladSoles hopefully), your technique will be better, and you’ll be able to run even farther and more swiftly than before.

So the moral of the story is NOT no pain no gain. Rather, it is feel pain, then STOP. Live to run another day. Anyway, that’s the plan, let me know what you think.